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A Message from Cletous Ngoma

Growing a business to its full potential is very hard. This is because most business are founded out of passion. The founder only has the skills needed to deliver the services or the products but marketing skills, ouch they are not there. Even the so called “sales people” are doing it the wrong way.

Everyone is screaming promotions, hoping and praying that customers will miraculously feel sorry for them and start buying, but dude, that’s not how this works. I have found a better, yet simple way of doing this…

Cletous Ngoma

Chairman, Founder & Chief Sales Strategist
Chairman Founder and Chief Sales Strategist at Makuruwan Digital Marketing Agency

Hi there, Cletous here. You don’t know how happy I get whenever I get a chance to meet a business owner. My heart is beating extremely fast, my blood is racing through, I am not at ease right now. (The kind of goose bumps you get when your crush is around.) You wanna know why, because I love you dude, you are my everything. I will literally do anything to always make you smile. I mean it.

And how am I going to make you Smile?

August 2021, I founded Makuruwan Digital Marekting Agency to help business owners, sales people generate more revenue for their businesses with my single most effective way to get more leads than you can possible handle.

Not in a matter of years, but in the next few months, I’m talking in the next 53 days or we continue working for free until we can get you at least 3 times Return On Investment (ROI)

Wait a minute, this was supposed to be an About Us page, oops. Forgive me, I was too excited seeing you here so much so that I quickly got carried away.

Let’s save growing your business talk and dive into the boring about Makuruwan Digital Marketing Agency details

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